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Drill & Blast Optimisation

On average, it takes three to five years of effort and expense to reach a new stope. Therefore, when it comes to extracting ore, the drill & blast designs used must be the safest and most effective possible to ensure no effort is wasted.

Delve Mining Solutions can offer;

  • Comprehensive analysis of existing drill & blast procedures
  • Specialist guidance to optimise your production output
  • On-going monitoring of your production cycle

Take a look at our Dilution & Recovery Value Calculator to see how much value your site could gain from optimising your Drill & Blast practices.

Drill & Blast Optimisation

A four-dimensional process

Whether you aim to reduce unplanned dilution or increase fragmentation, Delve Mining Solutions can review and adjust your existing stope design parameters and tailor them to achieve a desired output.

Drill & blast engineering is a four-dimensional process; however, we see many Engineers designing simply in one or two dimensions which can result in poor stope performance. 

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Common problems

Overbreak, underbreak and recovery are factors that are influenced by your drill & blast procedures, Mining Engineers, equipment parameters and operators.

Factors your Engineers have control over, such as orientation, hole length, drill hole diameter, dump angle, rotation angle & matching drill rig capabilities to the stope design.

If you are experiencing any of the factors listed, contact us today.

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If these factors are not harmonious, then the following can occur;

  • Bridged firings
  • Frozen ground
  • Powder factors may exceed optimum figures
  • Rough hanging walls
  • Holes not drilled to design, missing holes or short holes
  • Drill holes not loaded
  • Poor record keeping and imperfect reconciliation of parameters and performance may result in fragmented data, tedious data collation and analysis, and in effective collaboration
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