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Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs form a bond between the legal regulations, industry best practices, and site-specific requirements, designed to protect a mine site and its workers.

Delve Mining Solutions are skilled in;

  • Updating current Standard Operating Procedures in line with industry standards
  • Creating new Standard Operating Procedures for mining specific tasks
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Standard Operating Procedures

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Many companies neglect to provide up-to-date standards & procedures for new employees. This creates a significant business risk (including safety incidents & insurance costs). It can also make simple tasks challenging and time consuming; creating standard procedure documents ensures consistency across operations. However, when compared to pressing onsite duties this task can often be overlooked. Delve Mining Solutions is able to complete these on behalf of the mine, allowing onsite Engineers to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

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Standard Operating Procedures

When a site does not provide proper SOPs, they can create the following production issues;

  • Work scopes not properly defined
  • Standard Operating Procedures not updated with industry standards
  • Failing to incorporate procedural changes
  • Lack of proper formatting, pagination, headers, and footers on all pages, and other measures
  • No management of change documents present in case of last-minute modifications

If you are experiencing any of the above, contact us today.

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