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Short Term Planning & Scheduling

The short-term plan holds the most impact to site operations, a successful short-term plan is essential for a seamless production cycle.

Delve Mining Solutions can provide;

  • Stope designs
  • Practical level planning for a seamless production cycle
  • Review of previously uneconomic areas
  • Quality planning for a seamless production cycle
  • Expert stope planning for a seamless production cycle
  • Maximising current and future extraction
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Short-Term Planning & Scheduling

The Last Time to Plan for Success

We use innovative and up to date planning methods to capitalise on opportunities presented by rising commodity prices. This includes re-evaluating previously uneconomic material and looking beyond the current mine plan for new or overlooked areas, thus adding to your revenue stream inventory.  

This is the final time to ensure that the sequencing is correctly scheduled, and that every effort has been taken to correctly progress with production. A poor short-term plan will always result in delays, asset downtime, and ultimately a loss in revenue.

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Common problems

Short Term Planning & Scheduling

Delve Mining Solutions can provide the expertise to effectively plan stope extraction, ensuring that your mine continues to meet quarterly targets.

Issues raised by poor short-term planning;

  • Reactive planning occurring on a daily basis
  • Loss of asset utilisation
  • Increased workload on Planning & Production Engineers

If you are experiencing any of the above, contact us today.

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