December 16, 2022

Short-Term Planning Assistance

Short-Term Planning Assistance

When a mine is suffering from a lack of blasted stope inventory or alack of drilled inventory, it is important to identify the numerous challenges the site could be facing.  To do this, a site must conduct a detailed analysis to identify and isolate the cause of failure, so that they can implement a working solution.

A recent example of a mine site experiencing a reduced rate of plans released saw an effect on the whole production chain. This eventually led to a lack of broken stocks & reduced output of tonnes. The reduced rate of plans was mostly due to a Planning Engineer vacancy for which they were struggling to hire, and was compounded by a new mineral resource classification technique that was causing a 40% reduction of planned tonnes reaching the site’s criteria to be able to mine with confidence. DMS was approached for urgent assistance with boosting the site’s short-term plans for review so they could keep to their corporate guidance.

Delve Mining Solutions provided four months of cover to the site, working remotely from the United Kingdom, and was able to deliver 56% of planned development advance, 45% of planned stope tonnes & 51% of planned ounces in that period.

Outsourcing this work enabled the Technical Services Manager the time to hire the right candidate and to focus their efforts on the review and release of plans for execution quicker than they could have without external support.

By providing effective short-term mine planning services, DMS were able to provide a long term solution to the site’s short term problems.

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